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Alhamdulillah. So ten years ago, around this time, I tinkered with the idea of beginning a blog. It was my way of working myself back to writer-me.

And writer-me wanted to publish a book.

You know how they say persistence pays off? Well it’s true. Here’s proof on goodreads: (The blurb still needs fixing so ignore that) Saints, Misfits, Monster and Mayhem, Simon & Schuster/Salaam Reads – Summer 2017. (And, yes, that review is by my daughter.)

If you’re on goodreads and you’re so inclined to support the publishing of narratives not often seen in the industry, please click the green [Want to Read] button.

What brings tears to my eyes: it will be the first North American YA novel featuring a main character in hijab published by a mainstream publisher. 2017, guys.

It’s seems like a whirlwind of a publishing journey – from query to agent to book deal =  just a bit over 3 months – but I know it actually took ten years.

Because my book deal would not have happened without this blog and its readers. Thank you so much. And, alhamdulillah, truly.



When was I born, I tremble to ask You
I cannot think of the years before as alive

the sweetness of snow angels folded into
dangling arms of plastic friendship bracelets stretched out to

and then I thought I was born
to meet a beaming stranger asking
did you write that poem about palestine?
they’re passing it around campus, did you?

a balm of words to soothe
angry quips to embolden chipped shoulders
to run an apothecary – that was why I lived
to run a paintbrush around the shaded
and the shadowed, color electrified

but suddenly I was growing white peonies
folding white diapers into freshly painted spaces
slowly shrouding the discovery
the day you are born, you begin to die

no need to get weary
as I step out of these shrouds
to climb a hidden step once more

You placed them there long before I was born
and so again and again I climb

And it is within His power to bring about a second life. (53:47)

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