– posted on my other writing blog on January 7, 2011

my son, a Boy?

Tomorrow I’m going to spend a part of the day at the bookstore with my son. The other two children will be socializing at birthday parties and such, so it’ll be just me and my fifteen year old.

The other day (which was like six weeks ago), I suddenly realized that my son had become a Teenage Boy. This fact hadn’t imprinted itself into my brain even though the child is over 6 feet tall and has his dad’s jock build.

But then, there we were at the supermarket, and the cashier girl suddenly began acting all coy. You know that awareness that alerts us humans when we spot a potential someone? Especially when us humans are in the teen versions of ourselves? Well, this teen-girl cashier caught it right then and there.

Her eyes changed, she kept tucking her hair behind her ears (though none of it had fallen into her face) and was kind of too quick in her movements handling my cereals. When she started biting her lips periodically, I started to wonder. Then I looked at exactly what she was sneaking glances at, between scanning my yogurt and granola bars.

This? My boy? My itty-bitty child?

Yeah, and he knew it too. I could tell by the stoic, mature, yet coolly-withdrawn way he was passing the items from the grocery cart. That’s when I saw the man-on-the-way emerging from the faint figure of the seven year old playing in the park that I seemed to perpetually see when I looked at him.

If it had been a movie, the soundtrack to the emotions and images in my brain would have been kiss the rain by Yiruma.

Life passes and I hadn’t fully understood that I am the mother of a teen boy.

I can’t wait to spend some time with him tomorrow. I want to imprint the fact that yes, he is coming into himself and I love him as he is now.

And this time, I promise to refrain from scrutinizing the cashiers. Those brash young things.