The last time I posted about my daughter’s bff sleepover, there were 6 girls sleeping in our condo.  Fast forward two years later, and the number has grown to…TEN.  Ten girls and oh yeah, now it’s no longer a condo, it’s a house (we moved in December) so that’s how it got to be so big suddenly.  It’s 1 a.m. and I still hear loud laughter, screams, screeches and whatevers coming from the family room.

Before all this “sleeping”, they were all dressed to the nines as guests at our solve-the-crime party taking place in the 1920’s.  We had the jazz music playing as they mingled and tried to find out just which one of them had stolen the Duchess’ ring, the Rani’s crown, the Museum Curator’s ancient relic, the abstract artist’s painting and the Russian businesswoman’s Faberge egg.

(It was the abstract artist.  She was a starving artist (her work was quite horrible).  She stole her own painting to throw off the scent.)

The boys are gone – my hubby to his mom’s and my son to his grandma’s. Yay, it’s just us girls!

I just heard my daughter informing everyone that there is no curfew for bedtime tonight.

Now I just heard her story-obsessed friend informing everyone that I promised them a bedtime story.  Wasn’t the solve the crime party a big story already?

I just muttered loudly, “Hmm, I don’t remember promising any stories”… I think they heard.  My feet are killing me – I was “the butler-who-didn’t-to-it”  for the whole party.  I literally was the butler, the scullery maid, the cook (though my husband made the delicious chocolate cake) and the handmaid.

Now I’m hearing someone saying this is boring (it’s 1 a.m., the dress-up party started at 6 p.m., they masqueraded, they danced, they ate, they solved, they laughed their heads off, they watched a movie and now it’s boring?)

Someone else just said, yeah, this is boring.  I was about to leave my blog posting to tell them that if it’s so boring, they should all go to sleep when I hear the DS’s coming out…ooooh, suddenly everyone’s having fun.  Again.