I feel so bad as I write this post title knowing I am about to be misleading…especially with a big, prominent BLOG WITH INTEGRITY button on my sidebar.  But I can’t stop myself…but just to be more “integrous”, I will do some nice disclaimers:

1. No I did not get my book published.

2. No I did not get my book published.

3. No I did not get my book published.  Yet.

There, now that I thoroughly ruined my post, I will just tell you that I feel like such an author – finally – after all these long years, yearning to be one…because of my daughter, who had to chose a poem to memorize and recite to her 4rth grade class from AN AUTHOR (search on the internet even, they were told).  I directed her to Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes even Shakespeare! but she asked me if I had written any poems.  I tried to get away but was forced to reveal that I had written some and that there were a few on my blog. Next thing you know, she was memorizing and practicing In Your Praise, tasbih in hand for proper effect.  When I tried to dissuade her, I was told that I am an author – my poetry is even on the internet just like Maya’s is!