can you taste the buttery, creamy, homey-ness? you can – if you read my recipe and make it for yourself…

I made shepherd’s pie – a fiesta version (well, actually, since it didn’t have minced lamb, just beef, it’s supposed to be called “cottage pie”). My simple, extremely simple, accomplishment for today, alhamdulillah. Here is the recipe:

1 lb lean minced beef
1 smallish onion
3 cloves garlic pressed through my favourite kitchen tool in the world: a garlic press
1 small jalapeno pepper diced
7 medium potatoes
salted butter
some carrots cut up like coins (i used those “baby” carrots – which are just big carrots cut into cutesy little ones. Humph.)
canned unsalted, unsugared, peas (the canned ones are cuter) – not the whole can and please drain it!
1 can of corn, drained (creamed or regular – I like the regular as it’s not as sweet)
milk (i don’t know how much)
salt to taste
Oh, yeah, chilli pepper and roasted cumin powder (i wasn’t going to tell my husband about this since he’s into purity cooking (i.e. keep most things culturally separate [if you ask me that sounds fishy coming from a french-anglo-saxon guy who married an indian girl]) but since he found a cumin fleck in his food, I had to blurt out my “fusioning” secret).

Defrost 1 lb of lean minced beef 1 hour before your husband (or wife) comes home from work. Peel 7 medium potatoes with a knife NOT a peeler because then you can pretend you’re a carver instead of just a wife cooking. Next, put it (the potatoes, cubed) into a pot of salted water to boil. Dice an onion (smallish) and sweep it (with your voilà-ing knife) into a pot with 2 tablespoons of salted butter because your husband likes things cooked in butter not oil. Put the pressed garlic in too. Then add the diced jalapeno. Add the carrots when you’ve cooked the garlic and onion enough (like 3-4 minutes); you might need to add more butter or wait, I know when my husband reads this he’s going to say, YOU HAVE TO LOWER THE HEAT. Ok, so do that. Add the beef into this after a bit and cook until it’s not pink. Cook it a bit extra (and shh, add a bit of salt here but don’t let my husband know!) While it’s cooking add some chilli powder (shhh) and roasted cumin powder (shhhh) in. When everything looks good, add the peas. Okay you’re done with the beef so line the bottom of a lasagna pan with it. Add a layer of corn on top.

Set the oven to broil at 450 degrees.

I hope all you sisters and brothers who don’t know how to cook for beans or how to cook beans either, are following all this. The potatoes, now. When the potatoes are all done (when your voilà-ing knife can pierce right through a piece and it’s like so simple to do so) then drain it but leave a little bit of water in. Add a biggish chunk of butter into the pot of potatoes – like about the size of 3 baby carrots put together – and then add some milk while you’re mashing the potatoes with your potato masher:

masher or use a wooden spoon. Mash it all up until it’s MASHED POTATOES the way you like it. Now add the potatoes as neatly as you can (do it in bits) on top of the corn, brush some butter on top of the potatoes and put the whole thing to broil in the oven. Check it after about 5 minutes – if it’s lightly browned here and there, it’s ready.
Let me know if anyone tried zis simple, humble, fusion-fiesta pie.