Who knew Jury duty could open up your (my) eyes to the hundred and one things you could be doing had you not been on Jury duty? Once released, I sprang upon my soul’s artistic pangs (and dramatic pangs) and fiddled with my husband’s photography (see below), fixed up some decoupage I had done on my daughter’s allowance box (see below), fonted a mug for my brother, bought a spring coat, edited my dad’s writing super-quick and met/caught up with 3 friends. All in one day.

I promise, absolutely promise, insha’Allah to record what tomorrow brings. I am positively itching to do something dramatically artistic.


the lilacs are coming, the lilacs are coming


this is one of my all-time favourite pictures. like dandelions, seagulls are much maligned. here, they are given their rightful glory.

i like decoupaging. she’s from the swinging somethings (2o’s, 30’s, 80’s, take your pick)