…I’ve been busy

1. being in love (go ahead, say/think/groan/spit out the AAAAWWWW).
2. avoiding writing report cards (that’s as of this minute)
3. reading-laughing and sharing Asmaa’s latest blog post with the hubby.  Asmaa you are very funny.
4. watching my amazingly creative and handy husband transform our shared space into a comfortable, organized dream home.
5. cooking. And learning to tone down my spices and try different things.  And learning new dishes from the husband.  Who cooks. Like really really cooks.
6. being in love.

Besides all this, I’ve been blogging a lot in my head.  And then I start talking about my writing ideas with my other half. And it all comes out and we discuss it and then it’s gone. The urge to write is gone.

Hmm, is being in love killing my blog?