At our little wedding reception, we got a gift which included a CD on gratitude to Allah. Tonight as I was listening to it with my children, I remembered the little blog my sister and I had started a long while back to log gratitude – mine, family’s, friends’, anyone’s…but which ran into some technical glitches – again a while back – and which then fell away from my list of to-be-tended-to-items. It was originally at but is now to be found at I think I’d like to keep it going, Insha’Allah.

Having gratitude on my mind, it was nice to read this post by my friend, S.W. on her blog…

Yesterday, I had one of the more beautiful mornings ever. It started off all frustrating but my son saved the day. God Bless him.

I am one of those people who for the most part keeps her home organized, but I have my moments. I have this one Tupperware cupboard that is a disaster. Every time I open it, stuff falls out. I tidy it up from time to time, but it just seems to go back to what it was, no matter how many times I clean it up.

Yesterday, I was running late. I was packing lunches. I needed Tupperware. I opened the cupboard, and a bunch fell out. On my head. I was frustrated, but I ignored it and put the Tupperware back. Then I realized I forgot to take out one for the children’s lunch. So I open the cupboard again and you guessed it, they fell on my head again. This time I was VERY frustrated, but tried to stay calm. (The children, were after all, sitting in the kitchen, eating cereal and watching me).

I put the Tupperware away (neater this time), and I closed the cupboard. I then realized that I left the lid in the cupboard, and I open it and….you guessed it. A Tupperware fell on my head.

Now normally I would laugh it off, but I was:

  1. Late for work
  2. Still had to pack lunches
  3. Frustrated at myself for letting this happen a third time
  4. Annoyed that I don’t have more cupboard space.

So what do I do? I shout. “OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY!!!”

I turn. I look at the children. I turn back. I put the Tupperware back in the cupboard. I feel a tug on my sleeve. I turn, I hear music. I see my son standing before me. He went to the CD player and put on one of my favourite songs.

It was Louis Armstrong, It’s a Wonderful World. I get teary eyed. I look at him. He smiles. “Don’t worry mommy. Just start the day over”.

I smile. I hug him. I tell him how much I love him.

He made my day. I’m so glad to have him in my life.