Ahem, I think/hope I am back to blogging. After a hiatus/partial-hiatus of many moons of busyness, I hope (my fingers, legs and eyes are crossed on this one!) to show some real commitment to mon blog.

So I’m gonna begin the blog revival by introducing Jez  – a Montreal photographer/designer I met some time back in…hmm, I think it was on the last day of the year 2007 at 10:24 p.m. and 14 seconds (roughly). You can see his photography at his flickr account: Jez Gariepy. His work ranges from shots of nature in its serene stillness and in its engrossing activity to wide-ranging and misty landscapes to… my favorites – gritty urban scenes and abstract fragments. He…I mean, his work, is awesome. Word has it that he’s in the process of setting up a site for his photography and design work. Stay tuned.

Okay I’ll ‘fess up – he’s my hubby! Now I’m blushing so excusez moi…