This video on Muslim fashion designer Rabia Z is interesting, entertaining and will make you wanna run back to your ol’ sewing machine trailing interesting fabric and stuff behind you (if you were a wanna-be fashion designer back in the day like I was). I like the way she sounds confident in her ideas and beliefs. And she won the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2008! By designing modest clothing! In the fashion industry!

And I hear through the grapevine, having been too busy to check it out myself, that everyone’s favorite Hijabi clothing/hijab store, H&M (Hijabs&ModestClothingAvailableToo), has some really cool new scarves…

I think it’s time H&M actually gave in to reality and start putting signs in their red font that say:

right above all those…those…hijabs. I mean have you really seen the rest of the world that interested in scarves as accessories…yes, besides the keffiyah-as-fashion-statement-or-political-statement controversy…it’s Muslim women that are keeping the scarf sales ringing, H&M. (And I can sell you the above sign at a modest, hijabi price.)