There are exactly 16 and a half teaching days of school left before the summer and I find myself thinking of friendships. Especially that moment when you realize someone has moved into the real friend territory of your heart; that part reserved for people who get you even with only a few words.

Some of my closest friends are those I speak to once a year or two if I’m lucky…but it just picks up where it left off, seemingly from the moment we met in grade 10.

I was thinking of this as I watched one of my students – a polite, but extremely quiet boy – strike up a very close friendship with a sweet, precocious (in a sweet way) girl in my class – only now, at the end of a whole school year. I just realized how inseparable they were getting today when she was worried about where he was at recess time. What an oddly nice couple, I smiled to myself.

Besides the season of friendships, this is the season of caterpillars once again in my classroom. We await their transformation and of course I have to think of that old saying, “just when the caterpillar thought its world was over…it became a butterfly.”

Here are some pics of the process so far:

each student got their own to observe

the leftovers

the leftovers as pupas (right now)

Those of you who are squeamish about these sort of things, I’m right with you there! I had to force myself, bravely in the name of grade 2 science, to get over my caterpillar phobia (it’s those zillion legs amidst the tarantula-like fuzzyness that does me in). Besides a slight shake to my hands as I do all the handling, my students would never know that 3 years ago I would have screamed had one landed on me.

When they become beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies and we release them to the sunshine, rainbows and sharp-eyed birds, I will post the captivating pics insha’Allah.