As I’m sitting here, I’m listening to the Awakenings. Slowly, the stirrings of six girls waking up are filtering into my firmly closed bedroom. THEY are waking up – whimper…the BFF girls are waking up in my living room after sleeping for exactly five hours and 30 minutes.

Can you be exhausted from March Break? I have dark circles under my eyes which rival my exam-cramming days.  Yet I know I’ll be sadly missing all this action when my kids go to their dad’s for the next four days.

Yesterday night (8 hours ago), I told the BFF what was supposed to be a goodNIGHT story. They were all spread there in their sleeping bags clutching various dolls, teddy bears and in my daughter’s case, a big Buddhist panda named Stillwater. The story was typically absurd, involving:

* a niqabi woman (the thief of a faberge hijab) with the longest eyelashes in the world
* a fourteen year old boy with a full beard and a full colorful superhero outfit under his slick black clothes
* a girl dedicated to finding a cure for boils (they made her boiling mad)
* a newly married Praying Mantis researcher with a husband who curiously resembled her favorite insect…yes, he spent his nights in Tahajjud …you get the absurd picture…

and was too scary for the youngest girl who would periodically say “can this story end right here?” and hauntingly right for the others. Every time the story was requested to be ended right there, I had to think of a hugely funny thing to throw it off its gothic route (“can this story never end?”). I was so exhausted from thinking up all the up and down drama that I couldn’t wait for the Praying Mantis husband to speak the final and best line in the whole tale: (after missing all the action including his wife being narrowly killed by a brain-numbing poisoned arrow [this was a PG-13 story]): “Darling, I’ve been praying for you the whole night.”

The Awakening is in full swing now. I’d better go and tend to the BFF before I get too cozy in my BFS – Bedroom Firmly Shut.