If you think it’s the right message we need to get out, please tag 5 others to post it on their blogs…

I tag asmaa, proggiemuslima, hadeel, noha and margari (i kinda only tag sisters, but brothers you can play tag if you want to as well …) I also tag the sister I always wish I could link to but can’t – you know who you are. Oh yeah, and I tag my real brother!

(Of course, mona beat everyone to it – but still I’d love it if you tag 5 more of your friends out there, mona!)

If you live in the U.S., you can vote for it (for the onenationforall.org film contest) here.
And please try to to go to Youtube and give it a rating there. I hope the director of this awesome video, Lena Khan, continues with her amazing work.