“Prayer is a spontaneous outpouring of a man before his Lord” – thus begins my favorite book of duas: A Handbook of Islamic Prayers. When I first read that sentence, I knew the book was going to become pretty tattered as time went on. It has a whole section on comprehensive prayers – prayers said by the Prophet (peace be upon him) which “are couched in a few words but contain vast meanings”.

Recently I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people who, while acknowledging a “higher power”, don’t believe in the necessity of worship or appeals to that power. They admit to a fascination with people who live seeking constant guidance from God because to them it seems so “nouveau”. Most of these new friends grew up in religiously apathetic homes. I’ve been answering a lot of questions.

For me, trust in God is a beautiful elixir – it fuels a content life. I can pinpoint the times in my life when my awareness of what was involved in trusting God fully became more heightened.

When I first moved back to T.O. to live on my own and was worried I wasn’t going to get a job and was waiting on a reference from a supervisor who might have forgotten about me, I remember looking out of my living room window thinking, somewhere out there downtown, Steve is about to type a reference letter about me which might or might not land me the means of supporting myself and my 2 children. Then I looked up at the vastness of the night sky and my anxiety dissipated at the realization that it was God – looking over me, Steve and the whole world – who had the power to determine my future not mere Steve. I loved that moment and whenever I worry about something, my living room window brings me back to the reality of God’s power.

But I am a struggling servant of God. My poem migrant really conveys the way I look upon my consistency of trust in Him. I am very fortunate that I have friends and family who help one another stay on course. To my friend from yesterday, have faith – she who lives with trust in God will never be disappointed.

And, come spend some time by my living room window one of these days…