k.jpgto the left you are looking at a miracle. This is my shelf which holds my dishes and cups etc. When I moved into the space-of-immense-light (my condo) four years ago and realized that a lot of light means a lot of dust, I went looking for a sleek, black, closeable cabinet to replace the miracle standing before you (which I hadn’t found out was a miracle yet). So while I was looking at some mighty nice cabinet choices, the sensible scottish part of me, which comes from my mom’s side (I’m sure there’s some scottish in there somewhere), was murmuring – like, you have a perfectly good place to put your dishes. why are you in this over-priced furniture store anyways? (There’s a bit of valley-girl in the scottish part of me).

I have this terrible, overly-sensible problem where if I have one of something which serves a certain use, I can’t allow myself to replace it – even if it’s rundown/ugly/80’s. The above miracle shelf has been around since I was a kid. It was my bedroom shelf. Somehow I fit it into my Islamic-geometric-pattern-meets-Japanese-minimalism kitchen. But the dust – it was picking up a lot.

So now the miracle part: I found a beautiful cabinet. I looked at the price. I had the money. The Scottish valley-girl spoke up. No, no, make that the Scottish valley-girl Muslima spoke up. I gave the money to charity. Ever since, this shelf does not accumulate much dust at all. Everything around it does but not the shelf. Like, it’s totally a total miracle.

gift.jpghere’s another miracle. It’s my daughter’s eid gift to me. It’s done on canvas. That’s something green cooking in the background. When I compare it to her first eid gift at age 3 1/2 – about 3 years ago, I see a miracle. (They’re both titled My Mom, © 2004, 2007, bintcommonplacer.)