when I need a good laugh…A place where I can talk about nothing for hours and feel better about any situation. It’s a place where I can just be myself…It’s next to you – my sister – and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. ” This is the American Greetings card my sis gave me this Eid. The card was fuchsia and lime green with a faintly oriental look to it. My present – rectangularly long and slim – was wrapped in lime paper with a single fuchsia orchid laying on top.

So much care and thought – that’s my sister. She takes giving to the highest tier and we’re not just talking about gifts here. It’s hard to imagine that such a petite frame holds the biggest of hearts; sappy, I know, but yesterday, when I needed it, she reminded me in such beautiful words that we are human but God is God. So here’s a poem for her:

no simple sweet depth

“Everything will be ok in the end
And if it’s not ok,
It’s not the end.” at the bookstore,
you read the back of an inspirational journal
eyes growing incredulous at the
simply sweet depth
and I laugh inside thinking of our
friend from yesterday
our beautiful friend with
the tossing long hair
we all laughed, imagining her
tossing it, saying don’t hate me because I’m deep
we knew she would smile the loudest.

At our party,
we were all deep and syrupy, we spoke on and on
laughter breaking up the words gleaned from a thousand
lectures, books and heartpangs
but you,
you have no simple sweet depth
your canon is the width of the lives
your hands have touched
artsy is nothing to the artistry of care
the lavishing of hours
yielding a depth that cannot be written
on the back of a journal
in the words of a poem
caught in the circles of a party,
standing apart from the chatter,
the drink in your hand
is simply wisdom.