Eeeee! so many Muslims literally packing the Sky Dome (or “The Rogers Center” if you wish) for Eid prayers when every time I’ve been there before, I was sure I was the only one in a Blue Jays blue hijab cheering the Jays on. This time I was wearing a traditional black scarf to cheer my traditional bro-in-law who was the M.C.

It’s really hard to eat breakfast on Eid. But too easy to eat lunch over and over again with different people.

Dashing to the mall for last minute gifts. Oh it’s so nice that they don’t close the mall on Eid like they do on Christmas.


My mom always hosts the nicest people. If you’re nice and you didn’t come this Eid, make sure you come next Eid.

U know, I really don’t mind loading the dishwasher over and over and over and over again. For the nicest people, that is.

Buying funny presents for family. Because only they really get my sense of humor (and a few kindred spirits out there – you know who you are).

All you can eat sushi Eid-lunch Sunday with friends. Discovering you love seaweed salad just as you’re discovering everyone at the table wants to write a book.

Remembering to remember that I promised my parents I’d host the Eid-ul-Adha get-together as they’re going on Hajj. If you’re nice and you’re coming, remember, it’s potluck this time.

Aaaa! the first time I wrote this post, I forgot this A. I can’t think why.

Kinda weird that feeling that 5 prayers a day doesn’t feel enough after participating in the extra night prayers of Ramadan. But kinda nice that you’re not speeding to get to work on time every morning…