On my way to work, I pass by what looks like Isengard in the making. What used to be farmlands and a forest is crawling with machinery. But I’m always happy when I drive by the site. Because they could have taken down this one big, old tree but it is still standing after almost a year of work around it.

It’s a very gnarly tree. Sort of cranky looking. But, boy, does it have personality. Every time I pass it, I wish I had my camera but then I remember I’m in NO way a photographer. And my cell phone’s memory is gone from all the spooky movies we made when we went camping last year. So I ask you to see a very tall, mossy-barked tree with creepy branches that look like vultures’ necks (but longer). Are you sighing from the beauty of it yet?

It is beautiful. It stands alone amidst all the construction, imperfect in appearance and proud. It always reminds me of that verse from the Qur’an: ~ Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth. 40: 57 ~

Speaking of photographs (sort of), I find it interesting how some scenes never leave our consciousnesses/souls even though they were never very significant for us at that time or at any time. This is interesting to me because I entertain the thought of going back to school to study film-making and it is always from these “soul-scenes” I want to begin a film-story. Like that soul-scene of watching my older brother try to train a pigeon on our balcony with a trail of crumbs.

Or the soul-scene of a cranky, gnarly tree arching its vulture necks to witness our very human desire to create more and compel the earth to do our bidding.

Greater indeed is the creation of the heavens and the earth.