Zarqa, ‘ol buddy 🙂 , and company, you’re on roll! The writing is sharper, the humor is…ok, the show just rocks!

Here’s an “excerpt”

Trying out the grave plots: CLASSIC!

Yasir: “Islam is the fastest growing religion…Country music is the fastest growing music…at some point, they converge…”

Yasir and Baber are irreplaceable. So are rev. Magee and Fatima, and oh wait, Fred Tupper and I’ll have to go on, so I’ll just say that this season, you can just see that the whole cast is truly in sync.

Here’s a guide to the characters on the show.

Here’s a short review by my favorite TV critic, John Doyle:Little Mosque is Back and it’s a Lot Funnier.

Move to Canada for the CBC!