1. I really like Asmaa’s new poem on Disconnected Verses. Her poetry site is My Intended.

2. Patience. There’s two types, I’m learning.

3. I’m teaching my students how to write complete and interesting sentences. I strongly believe the two “sentences” in #2 don’t qualify as either.

4. I’m proud to say that the fasting Muslim team (the Fisabillillah Team) at the run to find a cure for breast cancer was half made up of men! My team from my school was all female.

5. I just learned about the site propeller.com. Apparently, someone “propelled” my brief post about child labor on it and it got a lot of votes, alhamdulillah.

6. I counted 5 sisters wearing pink hijabs at the run for the cure. My sis, me, 2 friends and another stranger-sister wearing ALL pink.

7. October 26th is National Pink Hijab Day. Why? Well, according to the facebook group I joined,

Wear Pink Hijab for:
Da’wah…people will wonder why everyone is wearing a pink hijab!
Unity…other Muslim sisters all over will be wearing one.
Breast Cancer!…October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month!
GUYS: a pink kufi will do it…if that doesn’t work…a pink ribbon is okay.

(and oops, that sure was not a 2 sentencer!)

8. The guys at the run on Sunday were not, thankfully, wearing pink kufis. They did have pink balloons on their heads, though.

9. I’ve decided it’s time I went back to my writing and have something ready to send on the publishers’ rounds within a year insha’Allah. The upcoming meeting with my life list friends for our half year mark is really interfering with my procrastinating tendencies…

10. I’m on the lookout for festive Muslim (children’s) songs for a public school choir to sing. The only ones I can think of have strong religious overtones, so if anyone has any ideas, please share…