Dedication personified…

Terry left one of the best of things one can leave upon death: an on-going charity. Every year, mini marathons of hope take place around the world to raise money for cancer research.

Although he had often showed a temper at the circumstances surrounding his run/passion to raise awareness about cancer, at the end of his life, Terry demonstrated great serenity and calm. He said that he found it easy to face death because of his belief in God and in heaven.

Tomorrow is the Terry Fox National School Run Day (our school did ours today). Here’s a link to read more about Terry Fox.

The new Sami Yusuf video is somehow fitting here as well… (masha’Allah, the director, Hani Osama is excellent at what he does)…(and if you love to see Muslims at their multicultural/diverse best, it’s a must-view)…

What a beautiful song. That’s the only word to describe it. As a former piano-practicer, I always fall for endearing piano pieces.

And, I thank Ar-Rahman that I understand every Arabic word of it 🙂 (see arabic-angst post below).

update: This new Sami Yusuf clip (from Awakening Records, copyright holders) has English subtitles.