1. I’m happy to report that I can now figure out about 1/3 of each ayah of the Qur’an recited at Taraweeh’. This is quite an accomplishment for me as I’ve only 2/3 completed level 1 of intensive Arabic (over 2 years due to the sneaking busy-nesses blogged about below). At this rate, insha’Allah, I’ll get all 3 levels done by the year 2011.

(If you had problems with all the fractions and numbers in the previous paragraph, I apologize.)

I’m so happy about this because I’ve always been language-acquisitionly challenged. I spoke only French until grade 2. Quel pain to think in Anglais suddenly when we moved to T.O. I have a one-track mind so once the train started down the English track, my French flew au revoir (though I can still fake it quite well – though not as well as my bro-in-law, hee hee).

There’s almost nothing more I’d like to do than learn Arabic (Qur’anic) so I’ve been slugging away at it on and off. Ok, most recently it’s been off. I just met the cousin of my Arabic teacher at the mosque on Saturday and she started telling me that the bro was wondering why I’d left it when I was doing so well. Oh, the guilt. Yes, I was doing well but ask me next week what the walad was doing in the kitchen with the muhanthis and I would be like, waa?

It’s even worse if you have a fluent father who goes around reciting classical Arabic poetry for fun. waa?

2. We Muslims don’t do many things well. But we sure do our ameens harmoniously. I’ve been observing this at all the Taraweeh’ prayers. Just so you know.

3. Acceptance of diversity of thought is beginning to thrive once again in the community. There’s less people pointing out how you’re not following Islam properly if you …[insert something]. I’ve been observing this at all the Taraweeh’ prayers. JSYK.

4. I went up to a very pregnant Niqaabi sister I did not know, holding a huge frosted cupcake, and jokingly asked her if that was for her baby or for herself. (People who know me know that this is NOT my modus operandi – I hang back mostly around new people.) She gave a start and got excited – she recognized me from high school. She had been the (un-niqaabi, un-hijabi) president of the student council back then so I had to request a facial view to ascertain that yes, I had campaigned for her team when I was in grade 10 and she was a cool senior. It was awesome to reconnect with her. I’m going to go up to Niqaabi sisters holding huge frosted cupcakes more often.