8 reasons why I love my mosque/islamic centre/recreation center (just came back aglow from Taraweeh’ there):

1. They try to get sign language interpreters for jumah’. And it’s fully wheel-chair accessible.
2. They actually offer diverse programs – from scouts, seniors programs, mom & toddler drop-in, fitness to a variety of Islamic classes.

3. It’s 7.5 minutes walking distance from my condo.

4. It’s 7.5 minutes driving distance from my workplace.

5. One of its first aims (the center itself is only a year old) is building a swimming pool 🙂 and as I view swimming as an essential component of life, I encourage everyone to donate to the cause!

6. I can actually see and hear the Imam (we’re all in the same hall with a respectful distance between the genders).

7. The diversity of worshipers is heart-gladdening.

8. The parking lot has not, alhamdulillah, had any Muslim parking problems as of yet.