I don’t totally understand the pull of the wilds but I succumb to it. Actually, it’s more the pull of wild water. If I sight any body of water within a runnable distance, I’m there faster than you can say water, what water?

I’ve got the requisite 4 books packed, a geeky visor cap I can slide under my hijab, jeans that have been camping/cabining/cottaging for a LONG while now (but are still stylish, somehow :), jumah in the wilds gear (khaki abaya and turquoise hijab – don’t worry, they go really well), swimming stuff and a deck of cards.

Though I am not the birkenstock-wearing backpacker-type by any means, if it involves water, I transform from city girl to cave girl pretty quickly. It must be in my blood.

Salaams blog ’til next week.