Henna Party: India Ink


Muhajibah: India Ink, Watercolor

1. I had a chance to update the Art page of the blog.

2. Swimming on Saturdays. I used to swim at least 4 times a week not too long ago. Now it’s once a week but I’m still not complaining. I think I was meant to be in close proximity to water (except if you ask me about the time our canoe capsized in the middle of a very deep lake). (Oh, and the time I almost drowned in a pond full of black water snakes). I find swimming in a nice indoor pool more civilized somehow.

3. A nice story: Once upon a time, there were three adolescent boys selling apples for their scout troupe outside a store. I was in a rush having been dropped off to get a few things. As I ran by, the boys thrust their wares at me, pressuring me to buy in loud voices. I said sorry, that I was in a hurry and that if I had time on the way out, I’d stop by. They made a face and sucked their teeth. Very noisily. And rudely. I ignored them and went into the store. Bought my things and came out again. It was in record shopping time so while I was waiting for my ride, I had a chance to observe these boy scouts in action. Every customer going into the store was being treated the same way – with a few getting some choice words hurled at them as well for not buying. The box of apples sat forlornly at the side of such worthy merchants.

There was a lull in customers and the three leaned against the wall sullenly. I went over. They eagerly looked up and reached for the box – a customer, at last? No, a teacher about to do something uncharacteristic of her – teach outside of school hours. I explained that there was a formula for getting people to think about doing what you want them to and it was called “being polite”. They looked totally confused and my heart softened…had no one told these boys the ways of the world? I had to literally give them a script: “Good morning sir/madam. We’re wondering if you would be interested in buying some apples to support our boy scout troupe? No? Well, thank you for listening and we hope you have a nice day.” They each practiced solemnly and my heart was now liquid.

Wonder of wonders, the first person who came by after this teaching moment and, who received this special treatment, stopped and pulled her wallet out. She told them the only reason she was buying was because they were such polite young boys. They looked at me in astonishment. My ride was late and I witnessed customers who weren’t interested in their apples coming back out and buying – again, just because of the boys. As I got into the car, they were recounting the story of their sales to their scout leader and waving at me, soft smiles over their noisy teeth.