Ali Eteraz of the eteraz series fame (the forum: and blog: “bestowed” Disconnected Verses with a link on his extremely popular blog. I introduced Disconnected Verses in a post below but failed to mention I write there as well.

This bestowal caused a serious spike in the DV blog stats. Depending on your view, the link could have been a swish from the fairy godmother’s wand or a drive-by shooting. Let me see, do I want a quiet, cozy spot to try out some creative writing ideas with a few like-minded people or a good-sized audience of readers to give you the honest goods? See what I mean – depends on your comfort zone.

I, for one – with one eyebrow raised at his characteristically wry title to his post on DV: They Don’t Write as Well as Me – thank Ali for highlighting the creative collaboration of a few Muslim writers. We’ll have to wait to see how it affects our comfort zones (ok, my comfort zone – since I can’t speak for the other 3 extremely talented and confident young women who really run DV).

Speaking about links, a link from Irshad Manji’s website to this blog (with the tabloidish title “I am Biased Against Her – Muslim Canadian Blogger”) created a lot of hits for my review of her film, Faith Without Fear, Profiting from the Fear of the Faith – as well as some drive-by shooting type comments which I’m still holding in the comment moderation queue while I ponder on the importance of freedom of speech verses the freedom of owning your own blog. Check out the (civil) discussion in the comments. Through it I was able to add to my links roll a brother who runs a blog from B.C. : Abdiel – Islam on the Wet Coast; relevant, well-written commentary and reviews – including a look at Faith Without Fear…definitely something to check out.