One of the best things about being Canadian (among the many best things) is the CBC – television, radio, online, anyway you slice it. While I very very seldom get to listen to it nowadays, CBC radio is especially up there. I find it hard to tune out when I do get to tune in. Just a while ago, Tapestry had a segment on Rumi (which I sadly missed). A couple of Sundays before the Rumi program, I got about 20 minutes of a look at music to touch your soul, aptly titled Soundtrack for the Soul. Soulful was the only way to describe the version of What a Wonderful World by Hawaiin singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

It got me thinking about the soundtrack we assemble for our souls – and how something we hear can instantly touch us. While I usually need at least 3 listens before a piece of music becomes a keeper, some have immediate resonance. Sarah McLachlan’s cover of the Beatles’ song Blackbird and Pachelbel’s Canon in D major are just two that come to mind quickly.

But really, I want to cultivate a soundtrack for my soul which is beyond this realm. And just as really, I prefer to collect ayahs of the Qur’an which resound instantly with me. And it is miraculous that when you’ve grown up reading the Qur’an and passed by the same ayahs over and over, that they touch you at different times and just as you need them to, Alhamdulillah.

Here’s 3 recent additions to my ATYS collection:

…and that with your Sustainer is the beginning and the end [of all that exists]; that it is He alone who causes [you] to laugh and to weep 53:42-43

Have you ever considered the fire which you kindle? Is it you who have brought into being the tree that serves as its fuel – or are We the cause of its coming into being? It is We who made it a means to remind [you of Us] and a comfort for all who are lost and hungry in the wilderness [of their lives] 56:71-73
Hence, indeed, we have made this Qur’an easy to bear in mind: who, then, is willing to take it to heart? 54:32