Let me see – in my ever-present pursuit of sublimely short n’ sweet writing – if I can state 3 things hanging around my mind in one paragraph or less (see? why couldn’t I have just said: here are 3 things on my mind?)

1. Had a fabulous dinner date with 2 work friends and my sister last night. If I could write a lengthy profile on each of these three people, I would convince you utterly about why the dinner was so fab. Since I am currently into the shortening thing, I’ll refrain and let you simply believe me that they are fascinating souls with their common quality being authenticity. Anywhy, we ended up making individual “life lists” then and there on the back of the meal receipt. Tucking each of our list-snippets (with “insha’Allah” scribbled on top of mine and my sis’ and “God willing” on my friends) into our wallets, we promised to meet on the last Saturday of April 2008 at the same restaurant to see if at least 3 to dos were accomplished. I have a feeling, procrastinator that I am, that mine are going to be done last minute on the weekend before the fateful date. Since my attainable ones involve running (RUNNING – not run, jog, walking) a 5k race, hosting an art showing and getting published, I’m in deep trouble.

2. My father’s Khutba on Friday. In this season of re-birth and awakenings, it was about death. More specifically, about keeping death on the back of your mind as you travel through life. Far from dampening things, my father pointed out that the remembrance of death actually brings daily experiences into a sharper focus. It was a much needed reminder for me in this hectic month.

3. Blogging more. And blogging less. Basically, I want to blog each day but I want to blog less each day. For my longer pieces – especially some special interviews I have brewing – I’ve started another space which I’ll link to soon, insha’Allah.

I’m sighing in contentment over my final 2 paragraphs – so short, so wabi.

P.s. Disconnected Verses is a new blog which features the creative work of a group of Muslim-Canadian writers. If you’re partial to strong writing, you’ll be enthralled.