Once in a while, I like to give the blog over to the younger generation. Occasionally I’ll feature the thoughts of 2 guest bloggers named Emeraldine Amethyst and Ruby Garnet*. They are both 6.

*names have been changed to reflect love of gemstones

Ruby: I just want to tell everybody, well, my little cousin Sapphire said that she wants to go to heaven to pet a pig.

Emeraldine: ‘Cuz she luuuuvs pigs.

Ruby: It’s a good thing that we’re not allowed to eat ’em.

Emeraldine: I think that Sapphire is a bit wrong. You can do anythin’ in heaven.

Ruby: So why would you just pet a pig?

Emeraldine: That’s the question I’m askin’.

Ruby: Well, in heaven I think YOU would wish to be in the laaaand of books.

Emeraldine: Rrrrright!

Ruby: I knew that you were gonna say thaaaat.

Me: Why do you guys blog with Southern accents like cowboys…I mean, cowgirls?

Emeraldine & Ruby: ‘Cuz it’s coooooool. Giddyup!