So I changed the look of my blog. This is the third time in 3 months. Oh. Oh. This is beginning to remind me of my bedroom when I was a teen. I had to share it with my younger sister and every once in a while – every once a month or so – I’d convince her we needed a new look, a fresh look that would make our room the coolest place since…since…since the last time. We’d plan our extreme makeover for when the house was quiet in the middle of the night because our parents were not exactly thrilled with the lumpy carpet that was the result of furniture being dragged in the service of a “new look”. Needless to say, there was many-a-time when my mom got up to go to the bathroom and decided to investigate the streak of light escaping at 3 a.m. from a crack in our door and was met with a surreal sight: my sister and I frozen against a dresser/bookshelf/bed which was nowhere close to where it had been yesterday, our possessions scattered and the carpet with new lumps. Bless my mother’s heart, the most she would often do on seeing such a sight would be to frown, sigh and mutter faintly as she closed the door.

I guess she knew by the time she woke up again the next day, the new look would be totally complete – and with two content, snoring sisters to boot – as we would never leave an extreme makeover half-finished.

I’m glad to report that the desire for a new look (home-wise) has now dwindled down to once a year. Except for this blog it seems. I guess it started when bigeyedeer (of the cartoon to stop the war in Iraq fame) commented on my cartoon (in a previous post) and thought I was the guy from my then-header picture of a man in prayer.


My father had also asked me who the dude was in a suit and tie praying (he had asked in a fatherly way perhaps expecting and fearing me to say, oh him, he’s Mahmoud Ibn Fadl Ibn Abdullah Ibn Muhammad, my new “fiance”). “Who’s THE guy?” was beginning to be a common question among friends as well – one getting quite upset that she couldn’t see his whole face. I couldn’t get through to her that it was a stylistic device to chop people up and make them look askew.

So here’s the goods: THE guy is just a guy who symbolizes the modern predicament of reconciling the personal commitment to faith with the obligations of a global market economy and all the trappings that go with it…and yet here he is reconciling them quite well, snazzily dressed, ready for a corporate meeting and yet deep in prayer.

Get it? Faith? Global Market Economy? Reconciling? Ok, never mind if you can’t get past the fact you can’t see his whole face.

Now, I’ve got this whole misty look going for my new blog look. I like the default header here – the weepy tree thing is really happening for me – a lifelong, card-carrying Tree Admirer. Plus, autumn = my favorite season. I could spend a whole day in the location pictured and I have this weird feeling I know exactly where this is. Anyone who’s from T.O., would you not say that that’s the bridge over the swan lake in Centre Island?

Wherever it is, it’s my new look…until my next new look.

UPDATE: That weepy tree thing was replaced by the new header of a bit of Timbuktu and a bit of Emerson. Please enjoy.Β  Till next time.