There are 4 essential tips for every good Muslima to remember in order to appear well groomed before the ummah. We will list them in order of importance:

1. Eyebrows: We good Muslimas are very fortunate this season that the plucked chicken look is passe. A more robust (read: hairy) look is coming back; those of us who prescribe carefully to the hadith about leaving eyebrows alone can now heave a sigh of relief and push up the scarf bands once more to reveal eyebrows au naturel. Essential to every good Muslima’s grooming kit is an eyebrow comb and a tiny tube of vaseline to brush in a little shine for special evenings out (say at the premiere of Little Mosque on the Prairie – oh wait, that’s in your living room).
Do not try these eyebrows at home.

154974220_a483be19c0_o.jpg 2. Skin: A good Muslima remembers the inside is more important than the outside; it’s a bonus that when you improve your inside, your outside improves as well. What are we mumbling about? Drinking tons of water hydrates your skin and quenches your body. A glowing skin will lend an extra glow to the natural noor every good Muslima enjoys.

3. Teeth: Brush. Your. Teeth. With or without a miswak. Just make sure you use toothpaste.

Henna: so last decade… 191916386_88f49161b5_o.jpg

4. Henna: Ah, henna, mendhi, mylanchi. The painstaking Muslim art of beautifying your hands, feet and hair. So now that it’s been cool for the last ten years, we recommend you wrinkle your nose every time someone mentions it. The point is to get it un-cool once more. We want it to become so unbearably uncool that it goes underground and re-emerges as cool once more! We good Muslimas can participate in the cycle of fashion in this way. In today – out tomorrow – in again next year insha’Allah. Meanwhile, use red and orange markers on yourself when you attend weddings and Eid celebrations. Keep extra markers in your shisha evening bag for touch-ups after wudu.

That’s it for this issue of the Good Muslima’s Guide to Beauty.

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