There is a gaze and then there is the gaze. A gaze sweeps quick. Most times it doesn’t see. Sometimes it registers: a word, just one word to the brain.

But the gaze – what can I tell you about the gaze? It is slow but not laborous. It takes a while to zoom out. It pings the brain and a thousand words and pictures enter. You need time. Time helps you select, move and sort the images and text flooding in – until there is space. A little window of a space. To drag and drop the pic and type in This is the sixth tree today about which I had to say I’ve never seen such a beautiful tree in all the world.

I’m glad I live in Canada, land of forests. And I’m glad, Zakia, you made me a gazer.


~ Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth. Qur’an, 40: 57 ~

The example of a believer is that of a fresh tender plant; from whatever direction the wind comes, it bends (but it does not break); when the wind becomes quiet, it becomes straight again. Similarly, a believer is afflicted with calamities (but he remains patient till Allah removes his difficulties.)” Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), Bukhari 7:547

Photo by Clevergrrl