The title says all.

1. My daughter got a very high fever suddenly. Plus stiff neck. The doc. said it’s not meningitis YET. I cried in prayer. Next day, the fever disappeared (alhamdulillah).

2. The day after that, a friend’s father who had cancer passed away. He was the first “Uncle” I met when I arrived in the New World as a 3-year old. He was kind, gentle and devout.

3. The day after the funeral, a woman who knew no one except my family had to be hospitalized suddenly for more than a week. She had 2 children. My family took care of them for periods of time to help dad get his bearings. Alhamdulillah, she is fine now.

4. The day after that my daughter tangled her cheap plastic slinky 3 times. And 3 times, I patiently untangled it even though I hated doing it each time. I figured the mazes I had loved doing as a child was in preparation for this momentous day: the day I realized: my daughter did not get sick – I need to savour every moment with my children – even if the moment involves untangling a plastic slinky 3 times. And after the final untangling, the look I saw on my daughter’s face – pure awe at the power of a slinky-untangling-mother – was payment enough.

5. The day after that, my brother got married. His wedding contrasted with the rest of his siblings because only the bride and groom’s immediate families were there as opposed to the over 1000 people we typically invite to a wedding in our family. My new sister in law is a newly reverted Muslim.